Welcome To SUMATERA!

This journey was passed on 15th July 2012

First of all, i think i had lost my sense of writing. I'm not thinking that writing is fun as much as when I'm still a kid. I'm reducing at writing skill. And I'm regretting it. I think i will start to write again with blogging my life journal. My experiences in life.

What i want to tell in this post is: my JOURNEY to SUMATERA
I don't know why but i always want to go to this Island. Maybe it's because i have lots of friends from this Island but I'm never step on this Island. Actually, I'm never been out from Java Island before. So this journey will be exciting.

It's started when i was going home from Purwokerto to Bogor for my Holidays. Then mom asked me where did i want to go for my Holiday? Then my brother gave us a stupendous idea to go ride a ship to cross to Sumatera. My Dad was an expert on sea things like that. And yes of course we accept that brilliant idea. Thanks, bro!

We leave house on Sunday morning at 6.30 a.m. It'll be a long way until we arrive on the harbor. So we must go on early morning. We arrived on the Merak Harbor on 9 o'clock. That's very fast and fortunately we didn't catch in traffic jam.

We bought the ticket for crossing the Island with ship. It's about Rp 232,500.00. Then we waited the ship anchored to the dock. We got a little Green ship this time (I'm forget what its name). I'm so excited to see the ship came near us and opened his Doors to let our car to go inside it.

We got parking place near the Doors for roll-out. It means that we'll be the First to come out when the ship has arrived in the next Harbor. Then we moved out from car and started to explore the ship!

I and my brother were taking some pictures while we explored the ship. We went to the roof of the ship and stayed there. It wasn't so crowded there. Actually only I and my brother were there on the ship roof. Above the captain's room.

We took other pictures there. And when the ship passed the PACC ship (one of Singapore's ship, brought some chemistry materials i think), we got some Photos too. It was very big ship. But the next ship that passed was bigger. The oil tank ship. It's so long and big! Very gorgeous!

Then we saw Sebesi Island, one of the Islands you must visit when you're on trip to Krakatoa. But what excited me so much was when I saw a pair of DOLPHINS jump out from sea and amused people in ship! They're so amazing! That was the First time I saw dolphins on my naked eyes, not on the movies or TVs. Adorable. After got lots of pictures, we chatted there until we saw the Sumatera Island! I'm so excited! Then Dad called and told us to go downstairs. It's time to go inside the car again and cruised to Sumatera!

First time we landed on Sumatera, we shouted each other and yelled: Hooray! We had stepped on Sumatera! Except my Dad. He had been in this Island so many Times. Actually i think he had gone around Indonesia while he was taking his jobs.

And we were hungry. We needed to lunch. But Dad said that there was a city called Kalianda near the Harbor and there was Beach on there and maybe we could find some foods on the beach. So, there we went! But unfortunately, ok, it's Sumatera. It's not Java anymore. In Java, you may find much food stands around the recreation Place. But here, there are no enough foods for lunch on the Beach. So we must back again to the city and had lunch on a Padang's restaurant.

Next, the Beach! It's different from the Beach around Java Island. It has White sand and very adorable color of water (It's not so chocolate, like the sea on Java). It's mixed between Green and blue. And it was decorated by much of coral Reefs, clam shells, and its makes the Beach much more beautiful!

I couldn't hold my desire to take some other pictures on Beach and went to play on the seashore. We played with the waves, found some shells, and it was an enormous fun we had!

Oh, i almost forgot, the name of the Beach is: eMBe Beach, South Lampung. Bro told that it was abbreviation from Merak-Belantung Beach. Sounds reasonable.

Next stunning place is Menara Siger, or Siger Tower near the Harbor. This place can be seen even when we still on the ship! It has a bright yellow color and unique architectures. It's traditional Building from Lampung.

Bad luck, it's not open that day. We just had to around the Building outside and took some incredible Photos. Maybe pictures talks more much better than just words.

Last, we're going home. And on the ship, we could see the sunset. Nice.

another delusion

7 juli 2012

so much delusions today. so much stress. and i'm start to freaking out.
but i can beat some of that delusions today.

first, i'm just choosing a comfortable-cloth for my self and get rid of the think that someone will look at me badly because i'm choosing err.. my lovely boyish shirt. and i was choosing my not-so-good-looking veil too. and that clothing really makes me comfortable.

then, start when i must go with my photography group to city center. take some photographs. freezing. i'm not bringing my jacket. how fool i am. and yap. nobody cares. and that was very good. that will help me beat my delusion. get rid of it and i hope i can lose my delusion.

when i'm sit and freezing in grass, no one cares. but when i leave and my friends sit at exact the same point with me, maybe feeling cold too, everyone cares. that was very fine. very good. and i have to thank them because they could help me lose my delusions. thanks, friends. i hope this delusion totally gone.

The Ghost of You

do you know this song?

"Ghost Of You"

Summer's ended and without a trace
time goes by - while you remain
Funny how I thougt I walked on through
with my heart in one


Why do I still cry for you
dying to get close to you
Why do I still fear to face
the ghost of you

How I tried to get you of my mind
but you return - all the time
I believed I could just let you go
like the fool I am


Why do I still cry for you
dying to get close to you
Oh baby why do I still fear to face
the ghost of you


I've been trying to release you
to get my feet back on the ground
Still I need my hope to hold on to
even if I know i should back away
It's just a part of me that I can't erase


Why do I still cry for you
dying to get close to you
Why do I still fear to face
the ghost of you


Baby, baby why
Anyway I try I'm still reminded
(the ghost of you)
Anywhere I go I keep coliding with
(the ghost of you)
I've given up I just can't fight it
(the ghost of you)

Everytime I look away I see
the ghost of you

this song played on my mind since yesterday. and this song's become a sweet memories since i dreamed about it on my last holidays. and in that dream, i sang this song with him.

that weird boy.

but i like the way he always smile to people...

best regards to MLTR

just a journal

2nd July, 2012

feeling a little bit weird today. it's time for outdoor job from faculties. we must go to public health in a village and try to collect info about acute respiratory infection in that village.
a little bit hard in the beginning. but it was fun on the process we collect info from villagers (ups). it's because my friend ask a crazy women for an address and some difficulties in language that makes me laugh.

then, i realized that something's missing from my glasses. so, after the job with my friends, i went to optic store to repair it. and continued to buy some novels and comics because the bookstore was close to the optic store. then i buy some drinks and foods for dinner. and i felt great because everything i needed was fulfilled that time.

that's the book that i had bought. the demonata series from darren shan. i like that series. it's not that horror but it's excited me enough. full of adventures. thanks, darren shan.

then, what i feel tonight is i want to be in love. with someone. with.. err.. i don't know who.. just really want to feel that romantic feeling. kinda weird. but because of nobody loved me here so i think i must love somebody. just for erasing this loneliness.
but there's a problem with me when i'm in love. it will be a delusion. and I REALLY HATE DELUSION. and i still can't take it out off my mind.

how can i be in love and not disturbed by this delusions? i think that's a very hard problem for me, huh? err..